Project Opportunities :

Technomec Roorkee will be responsible for 100% completion of the detailed design requirements and for the solicitation of bids from responsive and qualified industry contractors who will function as a “General Contractor” to Technomec Roorkee for the construction, renovation, repair and/or upgrade of the properties.

All procurements will be openly competitive and bid solicitation documents will be distributed to all interested vendors. Awards will be made to the lowest responsive and qualified bidder for each contract package based upon a review of the bids by Technomec Roorkee. The determination of qualification and responsiveness will be made by Technomec Roorkee at its sole discretion, however vendors who seek to participate in these contracts should carefully review the minimum qualification requirements set forth below.

Firms interested in bidding as prime contractors or in participating as subcontractors and that meet the minimum qualifications should email contact information to the email address below along with a brief description of the type of work performed by your firm (e.g., electrical, civil construction, etc.) and a list of states in which you are licensed to perform construction. Technomec Roorkee will keep both potential primes and subcontractors informed about these projects so as to maximize the potential for competition and S/DBE participation.
Minimum Qualification Requirements:
  »   Firm must have the managerial, technical and financial resources to efficiently manage and perform
      construction activities within the scope, schedule and budget.
  »  Firm must have a demonstrated record of achieving goals for the participation of Small and/or
     Disadvantaged Businesses in the performance of similar work and submit responsive S/DBE utilization
      plans with their bids.
  »  Firm must possess a record of integrity to perform work utilizing federal funds.
  »  In furtherance of Technomec Roorkee’s Beyond Zero safety program, the General Contractor and all
      subcontractors must have safety records that meet the minimal requirements of the TRI. Bidders will
      be required to document that TRIR rates over the past 3 years are less than industry average (as
      reported by BLS for the appropriate industry classification) and have an EMR rating less than 0.9.